Website localisation

Your website is your personal and company business card to the world. You’ve more than likely mulled over the idea of translating it into different languages to reach other markets, but have come to the conclusion that it must be very complicated.

Well it’s not. BiTEZ® has the filters and technology to export texts, translate them using CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Tools) and return them to their place on your website. This not only removes the need for editing and considerably lowers costs; it also ensures the consistency and quality of your texts no matter what the target language.

We are also seeing more and more government agencies and private companies develop web-based interactive learning education materials (e-learning) in XML and HTML-v5, formats that are not always easy to work with. Leave it to us, we'll solve your format headaches and earn you considerable savings by returning your texts ready to go, with no need for further editing.

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