Content management.

Document analysis, processing and management.

We study and classify all documents received in order to apply the appropriate production and language criteria in each case.

What happens before and after the actual translation.
  • We analyse the different formats and media used in editing your contents to select the best-suited work process in every case.
  • We filter the documents and, where applicable, align the texts for processing with CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation).
  • We re-edit the translated content and return it to you in its original format.

Content-adapted translation and management.

Our mission is to work with our clients, to ensure that the texts we produce lend added value to the quality of their products, and all at great advantage to their corporate image.

BiTEZ® content management table:

Today, almost every company and scores of professionals have to manage their linguistic content in more than one language.

Thanks to our highly flexible system, BiTEZ® can do any size of job, from long and technically complicated projects down to a simple advertising brochure or slogan. If that's your case, get in touch with us and find out what we can do for you.