Excellence in language industry services.

Our processes are based on the use of tools to ensure rapid performance and quality of the work produced. They are always applied to the human translations carried out by our qualified team of experts. We never use machine translations.

The BiTEZ® services

Content Management

Thanks to our highly flexible system, BiTEZ® can do any size of job, from long and technically complicated projects down to a simple advertising brochure or slogan.

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That’s been our aim since we started out in 1985; to help people who speak different languages to communicate with one another and spread their wings abroad. A translator must always translate into their mother tongue; that's why our professional team consists solely of native speakers.

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Software localisation

We localize all kinds of software. In other words, we adapt your software product (interface, menus, dialogue boxes, messages, etc.) to the language and cultural characteristics of your target market.

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Website localisation

BiTEZ® has all of the filters and technology required to export texts, translate them using CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Tools) and return them to their place on your website.

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BiTEZ® has a large team of experienced interpreters who can cover all events, from major conferences to private meetings. They can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, and chuchotage or whispering.

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